Beginner's Guide of QA
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Beginner's Guide of QA

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About QA:

Welcome to BlueStar Games, and you will hold an important role within BlueStar Interactive and the Product Team led by Creative Director, Selarise. For our new QA Testers, we've constructed a useful Beginner's Guide so you can receive all the useful information before you start testing our assets.

Introduction to Quality Assurance [QA]

You must be a new QA Tester at BlueStar, and you found our beginner's guide. You will hold a big responsibility, and using this guide will help you a lot. It's not easy being a QA Tester, and if you thought you were only finding bugs. You've just came to the beginning and you have a lot to learn. We want our QA Testers to use this guide as it gives a brief understanding of what we're expecting from our QA Team and gives a full explanation in details

The Key Components of Quality Assurance:

  • #1 - Have a Plan: You will never start something without a plan. It's important before testing our games, you come up with a plan on what to look for and give feedback to help our developers improve on that certain product. You should have a plan that makes logical sense and will help improve the products for our players and staff.

  • #2 - Have an Understanding: Before even testing the experience, do you know what you're even testing? Remember that you're not just looking for bugs, you're actually looking for improvements that are reported to our developers and needed to be resolved or added. You should still report bugs, but it shouldn't be the main focus around Quality Assurance.

  • #3 - Provide Precious Feedback: One of the most important aspects of Quality Assurance is providing feedback. Feedback is important as it provides details to our developers which can help with improving our products. This is very similar to constructive criticism, and it should be used in all feedback reports.

  • #4 - Give Constructive Criticism: One of the key details as a QA Tester is having a mindset where you can provide constructive criticism. It deeply helps our developers understand with what they are doing well and what they need to improve on to fill those deeds

  • #5 - Have Care in what you're doing: Lastly, you will need to be passionate when being a QA Tester. What's the point of being in a position when the effort won't be placed? All we're asking and expecting from our QA Testers is everything that was listed in this beginner's guide. Use this as your way to becoming a successful tester.

What do I need to be a QA Tester?

You don't need much, but you should have the proper knowledge and experience on how to maintain being a QA Tester. You're not just finding bugs, you're actually giving useful criticism to help improve our projects and what we need to work on. For more information regarding becoming a QA Tester at BlueStar Games, you can visit our career's page.

Before wanting to become a QA Tester for BlueStar, you will need to know what we require. You can some of the requirements below.

  • You must be the legal age of 13 as mandated by COPPA ("Children's Online Privacy Protection Act") and CCPA ("California Consumer Privacy Act")
  • You must have an active Discord Account. We need to be able to communicate with you and for you to be engaged in testing.
  • You must have had previous testing experience. It’s important to have a sense of what you’re testing for, and we need as much feedback as possible to make the gameplay experience the best possible for our players.
  • You must be willing to sign an NDA Contract with BlueStar Interactive to maintain the privacy of our assets and protect confidential information.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Prior to becoming a QA Tester, you will need to sign and abide by the NDA Contract. BlueStar Interactive reserves the privacy of the assets we distribute and intends to take swift action against members of the QA Team that fail to follow the contract. We need our testers to sign the NDA to protect our company, and yourself from any mischief that could play out in the future. If you're found breaking the NDA, you will be terminated from your QA Position, and you will be blacklisted from our group, games, and socials.


Our NDA Contracts do not hold legal binding. This means under federal law, we cannot take legal action against you. However, we can still take action within the Roblox Terms of Use and Community Standards.

NDA Notice:

We're currently working on an actual NDA Contract. Currently, QA Testers would just have to insert their Roblox Username to show they agree to the contract. We want to be more firm and strict so, over the course, we'll be working on a new NDA Contract and releasing it to all QA Testers.

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